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Air times
TV 5- 9:30 PM Wed

Host Bio
Country outside your own that youíd like to visit most:

U.S.A, Australia and Philippine.

Random fact about yourself:

Nice person and fun loving girl

Favorite Foods:

Chicken Salad, Fried chicken and pizza.

Favorite Color:

Black, white and brown.

Favorite Movie:

Passion of Christ, The chronicle of Narnia and High School Musical 1

Favorite Band:

Rush of Fools, Building 429, and Casting crowns.


Watching movies, listening to music, hanging out, shopping and going to the beach.

What had God taught you within the last year about yourself?

I have learned so much within the last year about being strong and standing in faith no matter what and He even taught me how to be more patient.

Why is One Cubed important to you as a host?

Being the One Cubed host is a great opportunity for me and I am able to stand out and tell my young friends about the one true God and share His amazing love that He has given me to the young generation in Cambodia through One Cubed program. I love them and I want share my experience.

What would you like to see changed in your generation?

I believe that my generation will become a strong generation that is led by the love of God. I strongly believe that One Cubed is one of the biggest parts of bringing this generation to where God wants them to be. I would be very happy to see my generation rise up and stand firm with integrity, unity and love. And God is the only one whom I trust.

Iím SREYMECH. Iím 18 years old from Cambodia, the Kingdom of wonder. Iíve been living with my Aunts since I was a kid because my parents got divorced and my mom died.

Iím a high school student and also a member of New Life Fellowship Church. Iím volunteering in a ministry as worship dancer and Youth leader. I really love serving the Lord so much because it brings joy to my heart and life.

Before I found Christ my life was nothing and lonely. I had gone through many ups and downs in life. I wish I could live with my parents together like other kids when they divorced but things didnít go that way.

My life became so messed up and miserable. I felt like I lost everything in life and thought that nothing could ever restore what Iíve lost till one day I was invited to a youth group party.

I noticed something about people there. Theyíre nice and friendly especial I saw the real joy they have which is what I am looking.

Later I decided to study the bible and I began to see the love of God and the real hope that I have been searching for my whole life, so I grabbed onto that hope. I could never thank Him enough. He is my Father of everything.

Host Info
Clothes:Jeans and T-shirt
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