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Hey, my name is J.C. and let me show you whatís going on in my world. I had some good times, but mostly life was hard growing up. My dad was an alcoholic and I used to watch my mom and dad fight all the time when I was a kid. My brother and I would grab knives and go hide in our rooms hoping that my dad wouldnít come find us and beat us. When I was just a little kid, I was sexually molested and when I got a little older, I watched my brother get shot by his friend and his friend blamed it on me and my whole family believed that it was me because my brother was in a coma for two weeks. All this stuff made me hate life. I didnít care about anyone or anything. I just wanted the pain to stop. Later on I started using drugs. I started out with just a little marijuana at parties with friends, then I started selling drugs to support my habit. And later, as time went on, that grew to be selling about ten pounds a week. Then my life got crazy- I was flying back and forth across the country smuggling drugs until I got busted when a large package of marijuana was getting mailed to me. One night a friend of mine shared Jesus with me and told me that if I asked Jesus into my life, that I could be forgiven of all that Iíve done wrong. When he was telling me this, something triggered in my heart and I knew that what he was telling me was true and deep down inside of me I knew that this was what I was searching for. And then later on, I was praying with a friend of mine and I had a vision of Jesus and Jesus was being beaten and whipped and as he was being beaten and whipped, I saw all the pain, hurt, anger, and hate was just leaving me in this black cloud and going into Jesus. I was free. Itís been seven years and I havenít had any drugs or alcohol. Jesus totally set me free.

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