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Hi, my name is Dima. I’m 21 years old. I grew up in a normal family and my parents did their best for me. I was thrilled watching the lives of my older friends. They were independent. I wanted all the older kids to think I was older too, so I started taking heavy drugs. The whole basis of our relationships was drugs. After a little while I became an addict and started stealing. I was arrested for a robbery and put into a juvenile criminal prison. My parents wanted me out of the house because I would steal their money. Once while shooting up I injured my tendon and my hand started to whither. The doctors said I would atrophy and in that case it would have to be amputated. I was very frightened and I was thinking, how I could be delivered of the addiction. So, I turned to my parents for help. With their assistance I went to a rehabilitation center and met some Christian guys there who had come to share about God. They told me that God was able to help me. Honestly, I didn’t believe those Christians. At that time I thought, “What kind of God is that? No one can help me.” But I decided to make an attempt and my parents were encouraging me. So I went to a Christian rehabilitation center, some people prayed for me and God did a miracle. He started to heal my hand. Before long, I had repented of my sins and a light came into my life. I just realized that I had been delivered. From that moment forward I have never used any drugs. Now I am happy and full of joy. I attend some state rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics and I share that there is a way out for every person. I share the One that has changed my life! Thanks to Him I rejoice, I enjoy my life and my life is going great!

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