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I am JM and this is My World. Growing up I felt rejected. I felt that my parents got married just because my mom was pregnant with me. My dad had an affair with another woman, and my parent got involved in drugs. A lot of times, they locked themselves in the room to do drugs. When I was ten, I walked in on my parents doing ice. I didnít really understand what was going on. My dad told me how to do it, but he cautioned me to stay away from it. My parents eventually separated, but I didnít want to choose between the two of them, so I decided to go and live with my grandmother. When I was fifteen, I stopped studying. One day, a friend and I found a small pack of ice in my car. We tried it, and it wasnít too long till I got hooked on it. There would be times when Iíd take drugs for weeks. I would totally isolate myself from everyone. Iíd just stay in the house. I couldnít stop. One time during a drug session, we were busted by the cops. I was held at gun point and I was taken to jail. My connections helped me to get out of jail, but that didnít help out at all. So I fell back into doing drugs again. Iíd deal them out and keep some for myself. Again, I couldnít stop. One Sunday morning my aunt asked me to go to church. I remember sitting there for the first time, man that was weird, but after the service, someone came up to me to explain further about Godís love, and for the first time, I knew what it meant to be loved. So at that moment, I decided to give my life to God, and experience the real love they had been talking about at church. Since then, I have quit doing drugs, and have worked on straightening out my life. The drugs and experiences that I have gone through are my past. And the same love that gave me hope to walk on, transformed my mom and my dad. My family and I have changed so much, it is a miracle. And itís all because of the real love that I have received from the real God.

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