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Hey Whatís up, Iím Jahazel, this is me, and this is my world view. Iíve been rapping for about 10 years now, the last 9 years Iíve been putting it down for the Lord, you know what I mean? Iíve been a born again Christian since like 95, 96.

About 95 I was rapping, trying to get on in there, and a friend of mine, I hadnít seen him in a long time, used to take it easy together, and I hadnít seen him for a little while. I seen him again and heís telling me heís a Christian and he goes to church and whatever and I was like, okay. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, came to his church one Sunday with him and I figured it was the same day I was there that it became apparent to me that God was real, you know what I mean? And I figured okay, if God was real and the Bible is real then, wow, Iím in trouble.

I realized I was a sinner, I needed forgiveness. Really, there was some deep un-satisfaction in me that I tried to fill with drugs, sex, and popularity, chasing money, and I was becoming more and more aware that the life I was living wasnít pleasing to God. I realized there was so much more to the world and I realized that there was a bigger picture, so I started to write about that and I started to write about the wisdom of the Word, you know, I mean, Godís perspective on this whole thing man. And I guess thatís what separates me from most mics man. Itís all about real hip-hop and expressing the love of God through it. Iím happy to get on a mic in a club or a show or whatever and let the people know man that God is real man and that, thatís such a great big reality and itís too big tp ignore or to sweep under the carpet, or to make a Sunday religion. Itís an everyday thing.

Man if I could just use rap I guess to bring that truth to someone, to illuminate that truth to someone, that they could be intrigued enough like I was, to say, maybe, maybe, maybe this is real and look into it and look into the scriptures and visit a church, then thatís me man, thatís success for me man.

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