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Hi, My name is Yinka, I am from Nigeria and this is My World.

Growing up was not easy at all for me. My father always wanted a boy, and being the third girl in my family made the matter worse for all of us. My main goal in life was to prove to my father that a girl can be a lot better than a boy. My mother always loved and supported me, but I never valued love or friendship, and took it for granted. I wanted more.

At the age of 19 I got admission to the School of Nursing only in my second year there I tested Positive to HIV. Even though I was infected I kept hoping for some kind of miracles, but test after test came back with the same results, I had HIV.

One night, something changed in me. I realized for the first time that I was being selfish. I was focusing on myself rather than making difference in the life of others living with HIV.

I have discovered that there is power in breaking the silence around HIV. Coming out has helped my peers change their attitudes towards the infection. I have been able to share with people living with HIV through my own story that you are not alone. You can be open and comfortable with yourself, and live a normal life. I live everyday with HIV, but it hasnít stopped me from living.

Now, I am married to a man who simply adores me with 2 children who call me mother. My father doesnít have to take decisions until he sees me first "a girl child". The Life Iím living is simply beautiful!

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