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Volodia Rybachenko

Hi my name is Vova. I grew up fatherless. My mother often had no time for me and I would often have to solve my problems myself. I needed someone too tell me about the true meaning of life, but there was no one to help me. I gave up my studies and I felt such a emptiness in my heart that I the age of 13 I took my first drug. My life began to fall apart, I would spend days in the streets and hellholes. Sometime I saw my friends die. I saw that their deaths were so foolish and it made me think, who am I!? where am I!?

I was scared and I realized that there were no way out. Once I was in a bar, and I was really burdened my life. My life seemed pointless and dark. I poured my heart to a barman, and he advised me to go and confess in church. So, I went out of the bar and found a church. On my way too the church I thought I would get lost in a crowd of senior ladies, but in the church I saw a lot of youth who welcomed me and who afterwards prayed for me and supported me spiritually. After a while I know that some of the youth in the church had taken drugs as well, and saw that their lives had changed. I believed that the same God who changed their lives could help me as well. At once, I just felt hat I could start a new life and came forward to repent. On that day I know that became a totally different man and that drug had no power over me. Now I am working with the street children and desperately want these children to choose a different life from the one I had chosen. I want them to find the real meaning for their lives, and I know that the Lor gives them hope and makes their lives meaningful.

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Name:Volodia Rybachenko
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