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Hey Iím Jason, and this is My World.

When I was a young boy, I grew up in a township in Johannesburg South Africa. I later moved cites with my mother to Capetown because of the crime in Johannesburg. The move came to us as the working of God even though I didnít know God at the time. The conditions we lived in were so bad that they directly impacted and affected our lives as a family. One of my brothers, Raymond, he would break into peopleís houses to support his drug habit, which caused my mother to live in fear both his and her life. She would pray for me, that my life would be different.

When I got to the new city, I joined a Youth Group in my area. I had no intention in having a relationship with God. All I was interested in was girls, making friends, and partying. My life was chaos. I wanted sex. And I really wanted drugs and rock and roll, so I learned to play the drums.

One Easter weekend my Youth Group went to a camp in the mountains to seek God. A friend of mine, who was then a Youth Pastor at the church I attended, asked me if I knew Jesus Christ personally as a friend. And if not, he would be happy and willing to introduce me to Him. He started to pray for me, and the next minute, I felt peace filling my heart. It was a peace that I could not understand or describe in words. The voice emerged from my heart and spoke to me in a voice that I could understand. It told me that I was running and that time was here for me to stand for something in my life. I thought now that my life had a different purpose, to grow this new friendship that I found in Jesus.

My brother Raymond got arrested later that year. He spent six year of his life in prison. And during that time I prayed for him. I prayed that God would touch him, and that he would find a purpose for his life. My mother now lives a life of freedom. Fear has left her heart. So I started to write music that speaks of Godís goodness and grace, and His undying relationship for us. Cause He rocks and I love Him.

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