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My name is Oung Soria and this is My World

Since Iíve put my trust in God, I saw a lot of things in my life change. My disobedience to my parents, my selfish attitude and some other things went away.

With God in my life, I have a purpose and meaning that I was missing before. Through this, Iíve become involved in a church. Which has created a lot opportunities for me. Music has become one of my biggest passions. Since being at the church, I have learned hot to play the drums. This has allowed me to become part of the worship team that plays during the Sunday services.

Iíve also formed a group with a couple of my friends from the church. And our goal is to use the musical skills and talents that God has blessed us with to build His Kingdom up in our generation. Our music and lyrics address a lot of the issues that young people are facing in their everyday worlds, whether ití peer pressure, drugs, sex, or a number of other things. By talking about these topics and relating to the youth, we show them that a relationship with God brings freedom and a lifestyle filled with confidence and security built on His love for us. We were recently involved in a One Cubed sponsored concert and during the show we saw many kids, who didnít know God, having a really good time. Our god is that our music will influence the world around us. That people who hear it, will grab a hold of the message of hope that a relationship with God brings.

God is the only reason that this is possible. He has given me these talents and connected me with my church and my band so that wherever we play music, we can bring honor to His name.

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