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Pa Nha

Hey, Iím Pa Nha, and this is My World.

I was orphaned at a very young age and had no place to go. I began working as a servant for a family who provided food and shelter for me. I never earned any money for this work though and it began to depress me because I felt I would never be able to support myself. Because of this situation, I was experiencing so much hopelessness and hurt. I didnít really understand the importance and meaning of life. I ended up becoming very angry and jealous of other people, especially Christians. A friend came up to me one day, knowing my situation and told me that if I wanted a job, I should believe God and pray to Him. I struggled with this at first because God was so foreign to me. After thinking about it though, I decided that I would go to church, not because I believed in God, but I hoped that people in the church would give me support. Later on, some of the people at church discovered why I was there, however, they still gave me a chance and allowed me to join the English class there. They forgave me and I could see Godís love in them. From that point on, I began to open my heart to God, and eventually I received Him as my Lord and Savior. With Him in my life, I have seen Him change my world around. Heís blessed me with a job, something I never thought was possible for me. I also volunteer to serve God in many areas of my church. Godís love for me has turned my whole life around. It has helped me overcome obstacles and challenges I never thought I could. I know that the key to life is putting my trust in Him and obeying Him. His promises of love and care are so real and you can live with them in your life today.

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Name:Pa Nha
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