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Hi, my name is Monica, and this is My World.

I got baptized as a teenager, and became so fanatically religious and was really involved in church activities, but my parents and guardians never talked to me about values such as purity, virginity, holiness, and the likes. They just warned me that if I got pregnant before marriage, it would destroy the family name.

I had my first boyfriend in my early 20s and like everyone else our age, we had sex. In our society, if you had just one boyfriend, just one, you were a good girl in the eyes of your family and friends.

I eventually got pregnant and out of fear from my family, I had an abortion. For 3 months, I carried around a burden of guilt, so I finally decided to go for the usual treatment of confession. When I told the priest, he was upset with me, but he advised me to go recite some form of prayers and dismissed me.

Ah, I felt like dying. I became more religious on the outside, but I continued to have sex. I eventually had 3 abortions. I woke up one morning and was tired of my church, tired of my life, and tired of myself.

I wanted a pure heart, I wanted a clear conscience, I wanted to be free from the fear of death and the unknown. I wanted to be close to God and know Him as a father, not as a terror or a taxmaster.

I told my friend that I wanted to go to her church and she was excited to take me. God heard my cry and saw my hunger for righteousness and one day, that word that delivers and sets free came to me. I knew I had found the truth, or rather the truth, Jesus, found me.

He orchestrated so many things in my life that brought me to this point. The losses of my jobs, the heartbreaks, the hardships, lack and want, all misunderstanding from family and friends have truly worked together for my good. Right now I can boldly say that nothing from my past could ever compare to this new relationship that I have found in God through Christ Jesus.

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