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Hey, I am Aaron and this is My World.

When I was in college a friend of mine wanted to bike across the United States and raise money for a church in Argentina. I thought he was crazy But as I prayed, this idea kept surfacing. I felt God telling me that I needed to go and raise money for that church plant. Our goal was to raise $10,000.

The summer of 2002, I biked 3,800 miles from Seattle, Washington to Montauk, New York and raised $17,000.

The following year, my friends and I decided to keep the wheel spinning and biked from Portugal to Poland to raise $22,000 for Cry Africa, an organization that teaches churches how to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of AIDS Victims.

In the following years I organized trips up and down the coasts of the United States, a trip spanning the Great Divide, and a trip through South East Asia all to raise funds and awareness for various humanitarian causes. Two years ago we started a hiking division and we sent a team to hike through the Himalayas in Bhutan to minister to the leaders of the Bhutanese underground church.

Everything was going well, until the devil tried to put a kink in Godís plans. My Dad was training to go on a trip with me and was killed when he was hit by a car and killed. I was devastated. At my Dadís funeral I gave the eulogy and my sister committed her life to the Lord. Knowing that my dad would have died to see my sister commit her life to the Lord and seeing how God used something tragic for good, my desire to continue in Godís plan grew stronger. My dad wouldnít want me to let go of the dream God placed in my heart.

Last May, I felt that God wanted me to leave my job and step out in faith to start a non-profit organization that combined adventure travel and humanitarian aid and evangelism. The organization would be called Venture Expeditions. It was a little scary because I didnít have any income, but my friends and I put together a Board of Directors and a 5-year business plan. At the first board meeting, someone donated office space, health insurance and a full-time salary.

It has been five years since my first biking trip. Since than Venture raised over $100,000 for various humanitarian and evangelism projects while hiking and biking over 20,000 miles.

Iíve been able to provide opportunities for young people to hike, bike and minister all over the world. I have found that when God gives you a dream, He will make it happen as long as you are willing to step out in faith.

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