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My name is John, and this it is my world. When I was two months old, my mom, who was a single mother, left me under the care of an aunt. I grew up at the time of the Spain 82’ World Cup, Lady Di’s wedding, and Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller”.

My childhood was very lonely, few friends, I was the less popular of the class and drawing became my best friend. I started listening to rock bands like Led Zepellin, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd, and my life started turning a little darker.

Music became the way I communicated with my surroundings. Rebelliousness intensified and my circle of friends became my second family.

The poor relationship I had with my mom reached a catastrophic point when she said she couldn’t financially take care of me anymore. Because of that, I could only study two semesters in college, and out of desperation, I went looking for my father. When I found him, he told me that I wasn’t his son.

That affected me deeply; my relationships became much more dramatic. The relationship with my mom deteriorated. I blamed her for abandoning me, and leaving me without a father.

I decided to find my biological father, and I eventually did. But I was very disappointed because he didn’t even want to see me. The wrath, the uncertainty and the sadness kept getting worse. I took refuge in sex, drugs, alcohol, but unfortunately that only made the emptiness deeper.

Two cousins of mine became Christian and I began to notice a deep change in their lives. But because I was arrogant, I never considered that that was for me. I could never relate to anything involving religion. After a while, a professor talked to me explicitly about Christ, and I was very touched by what he said.

My life completely changed and I found a reason to live. All the things began to make sense, for instance, the drawings I did during all my life became my profession. I am currently an animator in a very important T.V. station in my country.

My life is different. The loneliness is in the past. That introverted person with low self-esteem exists no longer. God has restored me. I was once abandoned, I was once rejected, but the relationship that I now have with God has fixed all of that. I feel that the things of my past are left behind.

My relationship with my mom turned 180 degrees. Furthermore, God gave me a beautiful wife and a baby who are such a special gift. He restored my life.

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