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Watup, im Seb, welcome to my world.

When I think back on where Iíve come from and where Iíve arrived, Iíve got nobody to blame for what Iíve been through, except myself. I was given an awesome from the day I entered planet earth, I was given a loving and supportive family that always put God first, and they wanted the same for me. I had the perfect Christian upbringing. But for some reason there came a day where I decided to put myself first.

Everything I heard about God just came in one side and went out the other. I didnít want to hear it. I just wanted to forget where I came from and who I was and try and look for a new identity somewhere else. I knew the truth, straight up, God wasnít going anywhere. I was just sure I wasnít going towards him.

I looked for recognition in all kinds of places; hanging out under bridges and seeing who could drink the most, smoking dope and going to clubs, then vandalizing peopleís properties on the walk home. I donít even think I was fifteen by that time, I was terrible. I was angry deep down and nothing could suppress or satisfy that anger.

Then somehow, in this aggressive delinquent state of mind, I found something that was worth holding on to. I met some breakdancers, their style of dance really caught my imagination and I started dancing myself.

It was a way to let something out, to express myself and be free. It didnít change me inside but it started something on the outside, I quit smoking and drinking in exchange for training and dancing. Instead of going out to clubs to get up to no good, I went out to get down to good music.

Dancing didnít change me forever, but it pulled me away just enough to realize where the real truth was. I started to care more about God and thought a lot about where I was going. I became cool with church again and I found the real truth I had known all along, but chose to forget.

Even though I still sometimes go out to clubs to get down and break to the beats, Iíve found ways to use this talent to bring glory to God. My crew and myself do shows and exhibition battles at outreaches and events and I know that this sometimes helps reach people when conventional ways donít. But aside from this, I bring glory to God whenever and wherever I start breaking. Even when Iím practicing or just doing it for fun, I can feel his pleasure and I really wanna thank him for that.

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Country:South Africa
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