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Hey Iím Michal, and this is My World.

I gave my life to God when I was very young in elementary school. At that age I didnít really understand the fullness of that decision. I loved God will all my heart, but my relationship with Him was something that I kept to myself. I never really had any interaction with others, discussing my relationship with Him.

At the end of elementary school I went to a Christian concert, where I stepped out and made a formal commitment to God. For me it was making a public statement of the faith that I already had in God. Even though I did this, I was still a little reserved with my relationship with God. But all of that changed.

During High School, I attended a Christian meeting where the speaker spoke about the Christianís responsibility and privilege to share Godís love with others. This message really challenged me to not keep my relationship with God to myself but to step out and reach the people in my world.

After the meeting I god involved with almost ever aspect of church and other activities that I could. I wanted to do anything to live out my relationship with God. And be an example and light to others. During this time, I felt my eyes had been open to what a Christian life with God is really like.

Iím currently involved in fulltime missions work here in Vienna, Austria. My purpose is to help create a community for student where they can experience first hand what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

God has called us to love others and to reflect Him to the world. Sometimes itís not what we say, but what we do that will have the greatest impact on other people. Iíve found an incredible freedom in breaking out of my comfort zone in my relationship with God. Sharing His love with others brings more happiness than I could have ever imagined.

I want to encourage others who were like I was, to let go of any fear and live out their relationship with God in complete confidence in Him.

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