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Hi Iím Praise, welcome to My World.

Growing up as a pastorís kid, I never knew about the great heritage I had, until I chose to turn my back on it. When I was young, my father was unfairly excommunicated from the church he was leading. We were kicked out from the pastorís house, we had no place to live.

It was really hard for me to understand why people who say they are Christians would treat us so horribly. I became bitter and angry with the church and even with God.

I began to hang around with friends in my neighborhood who were street wise and cool. I would stay out late at night and then get up in the morning and go to church with my family. My church life became like a dreaded chore.

I didnít understand why my family had to suffer and go through all this pain if God was on our side. I became so miserable and hopeless, I even though of killing myself. Life had no meaning for me. There was this huge space in my heart that nothing could fill.

I lived like this for several years until I heard a powerful sermon that spoke directly to my heart. Either be angry with God, or repent. Take hold of your situation and find out what Godís plan is for your life. I decided to give God another chance. As soon as I let go of my anger, God showed up. And He has been changing me ever since.

From that moment on all sorts of Godís given experiences and opportunities came my way. I became a pastor and I got involved with this sexual abstinence program called The Silver Ring Thing. It has had a huge impact in America, Britain, and now here in South Africa. I strongly believe the sexual abstinence, that our continent, especially South Africa should put more focus on. That is why I bought myself a Gold ring as a commitment to honor God and not to engage into sex again until I was married.

\ will give this ring to my son one day as a mantle to pass this culture on to the next generation. Today I thank God of the great testimony He has given to me. I tried life without God and it was pointless. Now I am living for something greater than myself, and that is the best thing that has happened to me.

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