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Hi! My name is Tatiana, and this is my world! I was always a cheerful person. I was on good terms with my life at least that was what I demonstrated to other people. I am a lawyer, and I always worked for the best law firms in Brazil. I have a family that has always showered me with love, with caring, a very close family. I also had a boyfriend who told me he loved me the entire time. I had nothing to complain about.

On the other hand, I always lived with this huge void inside of me. You know those people that are never satisfied, and are always looking for more and more?

I always believed in God, but I always thought God was very far away from me. I thought I was not one of Godís priorities until everything started to change. I lost my job. I had to break things off with my boyfriend because he was cruel to me.

In the midst of all this pain, I saw I had no one to count on. Thatís when I thought, ďLord, where are you God? Whatís going on? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you letting me go through all this?Ē With this feeling of emptiness, I decided to voluntarily seek God.

I went to a church close to my home, and began to hear Godís word. After I learned about Jesus and completely surrendered my life to Him, it was amazing to see how things changed. I started to feel so good: I was much happier, I was much more joyful. I began to hope again, you know?

He gave me a job I never imagined I could have. He gave me a wonderful boyfriend who taught what itís like to be really loved. Today, I understand that God allowed me to go through all of those things precisely so He could have me closer to Him.

Today, I am truly happy and fulfilled. It is great to know that God takes cares of my life, and that He prepares every detail of my life. This knowledge makes me feel much safer. I am very grateful to Him. I am eternally grateful to Him.

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