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What I love the most is to dream. I had relatives working in TV and as a child I grew up dreaming about doing the same, being a host on TV.

However, when I was 13, all of my dreams collapsed. Since I was 2 years old, I had been sick with Bronchitis, but when I turned 13 the doctors told me that my bronchial tube was filling up. They said in two years it would be completely full, causing me to suffocate and die.

The news of this hit me hard. I became very apathetic, not trying in school and receiving bad grades. I also stopped hanging out with my friends. I thought, “Why do I need to do anything at all, because I will die anyway”. I had lost all sense of purpose and hope.

During this whole time, my Mother was praying for me. One day she said that I needed to do something about my life and health and future. She shared with me about God and the life He gives. She told me that it is so much better than the way I was living. She gave me a Bible and some other Christian books that I began to read. As I read, I realized that I was indifferent to God. He loves me so much that He sacrificed everything for me so I could live a better life in Him. He is ready to do everything for me, and in return, I wanted to do everything for Him, whatever He tells me to do. I wanted to change. I wanted to get better.

In one of the Christian book was a prayer of repentance. I decided to give my life to the Lord and prayed that prayer. Almost immediately I felt the change. My colds would only last a few days, I would stop getting sick and my lungs were no longer filling.

It’s incredible to see how God has healed me and I no longer have those problems. He completely changed my outlook and attitude on life. I had new joy and excitement for the future. I started to hang out with my friends again, and I even finished the school with good marks!

Nine years passed by since that horrible diagnosis and I'm still breathing. Now I breathe the air of freedom and salvation because I turned to Jesus, who is my Healer and the best friend. I'm even working where I have to have a good breathing, because I talk a lot!

And my dreams from my childhood became a reality as I now host the TV show One Cubed. I like it because it's a music show for young people where the songs have a message of inspiration and share the love of God. By hosting the show my hope is that I'm influencing the teenagers with positive message. I want them to know that with God any dream is possible. And I keep on dreaming!

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