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All my life I had dreamed of being a famous bodybuilder and musician. I grew up in a good family, full of musicians. My parents tried to raise me as a good kid. The town we lived in was very religious and on my street there was a church. But I always saw people who claimed to be Christians there smoking and judging other people. It really affected me, so much that I didnít want to have anything to do with such a God.

My older brother and I started to listen to some pretty heavy rock music, and it began to affect my life. My father didnít like my choice of music and changes it was having on me. I didnít care and started to hang out with the wrong crowd. Before long I started drinking and smoking pot.

At 16 I decided to seriously start being involved with sports and doing bodybuilding. Even though I stopped smoking I still kept company with the same group of friends.

After I finished the college I decided to leave my family because of the bad relationships I had with my father. I ended up moving to Moscow to start a new life, earn some money, and be with my brother who lived there. But when I arrived, my brother did not want to take care of me because he had a family of his own.

I found myself alone and depressed. My attitude became focused only on me. I was the center of the world and I didnít care about anyone else. I was hanging out with Satanists and started to worship Satan with deeds, words, and my attitude. I noticed that the theme of Satanism was affecting people around me very negatively but I didnít care. I enjoyed seeing people feel bad around me. Bitterness and hatred filled my life.

I ended up returned home when my father got sick with cancer. I tried to build my relationships with him, I realized that I was about to lose him. It bothered me that I chose not to have a relationship and was not able to spend time with him when I was younger. After he died, I really started seriously bodybuilding, and my body really became abnormal. Not ethical at all.

I wanted to start a new life and decided to move to Kiev. Once I got there, I started to hang out with other musicians in Kiev, and continued to body build. Near me lived some Christian guys that I got to know a little bit. As I started to talk with them I noticed that they were normal people, cool to hang out with and generous and open. These guys were real, different from the Christians I had seen when I was younger.

All this time I knew these guys were praying for me. They invited me out to church, and I came and sat in the back. Everything that the preacher was saying I felt he was saying personally to me. I thought it's weird that he knows what's going on in me, but it really got me thinking about my life and the choices I had made. I felt a need for change and I prayed to God to forgive my sins.

After that, I began to see the change in my life. What I liked before stopped to be interesting for me now. I stopped listening to such hard, negative music, an addiction only God was able to free me from. I also started to share with the people I was training with that itís God who gives us the strength and itís for helping other people in our world.

There were two idols in my life: sports and music.

God showed me that I have to have a different attitude to these things: my strength (sports) is now not to destroy, but to build up and to serve to others with the skill I have. The music is not to glorify myself, but to glorify God.

Now, I live my live to glorify God in all that I do!

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