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Lothar Kosse

Music has always been a huge passion in my life. As a child I would fiddle around with my momís guitar. I tried to comprehend what music actually meant. As a teenager I got more involved in music, but at one point it didnít satisfy me anymore and I began searching for a deeper meaning of music.

I discovered that music always searches for direction and meaning. I realized that music actually wants to worship something; that it seeks to exalt something bigger. It might be a celebrity, a cult, or an idol. It was the same with my life too. I was always looking for something bigger than music itself. Through my search I found God.

Since then Iíve tried to knit music and God together. Psalms 67 in the Bible states that the nations who donít know anything about God will come and worship God.

A couple of years ago we started an experiment here in Cologne, the Cologne Worship Night. We just didnít want to keep worship behind thick church walls, but wanted to go public. We started playing in the clubs and around the city, in front of the Dome and other places. Itís interesting that many people who join us donít have any idea about God, but somehow feel drawn to the atmosphere and to the presence of God. They ask us a lot of questions about God and about life with God.

Music and worship are about songs, and we need good songs., but I believe songs should have two things. Jesus talks about worshipping in spirit and in truth. I think by truth He means, we are still a part of this world and have responsibilities, but at the same time we need songs with spiritual content that communicate to this world the eternal, the heavently, and the things that last.

Here in Germany we have a rich cultural heritage. When you think of Germany you remember names such as Bach, Haendel, Paul Gerhard, Albercht DuererÖpeople who made an impact on this country with their art. Not just culturally, but also spiritually. They were all Christians, people who were aware of how awesome God is. But we shouldnít just put these characters in museums; we should make us of this heritage for our time. We can surely build on this rich heritage. My hope is that weíll see this generation awakened, renewed and reformed with a culture that seeks God.

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