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Hey guys, Iím Neth, and this is My World.

I was raised as a farm kid, and even though I have a family who love and care about me, life could be difficult because we didnít have much money. I was shy and didnít have many friends because I was ashamed of being poor and didnít think I was good enough to hang out with other kids. I became jealous of other peopleís happiness, knowing that I would never have that kind of life. Why did I have to face challenges that no one else did? It seemed so unfair. I felt so defeated thinking that no matter what dream I had, I would never be able to achieve it. But you know what? All of that changed when I moved to Phnom Penh to continue my study. That was when I heard about God.

It was weird to hear that God loves everyone, no matter who they are or where theyíre from and that he has a great plan for their life. I didnít know how a guy like me could be good enough for any of Godís plans. As I began to study the Bible, I started to see the truth. It really opened my eyes and I saw that Iím not a worthless person. He wanted to change my life into something great. So I surrendered my life to the Lord!

Everything has changed since that day. I now understand that I donít have to have material things like others, because the Lord will always meet my needs and He will use what I have to do great things.

Because of Godís love and grace, I learned to respect myself and others, and to be content with what I have. Now I work and attend college. And even more importantly, I have an incredible opportunity to serve God as a guitar player and a worship leader at my church. I know that God wants to use my voice to glorify Him and to bring joy and hope to the lost.

If God loves ordinary people like me, He also loves and cares about you. I want to encourage you to put your trust in God even when it seems like there is no hope in life, because He can do all things.

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