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Hey my name Steve. Let my tell you about my world.

I come from a family that has always loved God. We were always been involved in church. Both my bother and I were often involved with mission trips into Africa.

As an extended family we are very competitive on the sports field. Summer Holidays were filled with days on the beach with all the cousins. We would enter beach sports competitions and clean out the opposition. This was my world.

But one night on the way to a church prayer meeting that world changed. I had an accident that put me in hospital for the next six months of my life. Almost at once my family and I were overwhelmed by the strength and support of the church we attend. (Our local church). All over the world people were praying for me and although I didnít always feel different, I knew their prayers were making a difference. I wish I could say I was always happy and never doubted God. But there were times when I felt the load was too heavy. Naturally one would think that God had put me in this position to grow me or develop my character, but if we look in the bible we donít ever see God using sickness to achieve this.

Jesus died for sickness just as much as He did for our sins. Knowing this has raised the faith level in me, my family, my friends and my church to see the lost saved and the sick healed. My accident didnít take God by surprise. Everything God has in store for my future is the same as when I was created 20 years ago. Nothing can get in the way of his plans for me. Not even this chair.

Being confined to a wheel chair is limiting but it has not stopped me doing what I love best. And that is being a part of what God is doing. I am part of a ministry team at church that goes into different schools in the city. We have seen God do some amazing things in the lives of the students and we believe this is the beginning.

Itís been three years since the accident I know I will be healed. I will walk again. When? I donít know but I am praying and believing itís soon. He is my life, my strength and my joy and if that were not the case I would have nothing to live for.

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