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Kim MyWorld

My name is Kim, and Ühis is my world.

I grew up in a small city on the southern coast of South Africa. I've been a daughter of the most high since I was 16 years old.

When I was 19 years old, I married my boyfriend of 4 years. I was struggling to find myself, and to find out what it is that God had made me to be.

In the 4th year of our marriage, my husband told me that he'd had an affair. I thought I was living in a dream. We decided to face this thing head on and deal with it, and eventually, we came to a place of trust and love.

I started to gain a better understanding of who God made me to be. By studying the word and serving in the local church and the worship team. I started to gain confidence in who I was and started to gain a better understanding of the purpose that God had given me in my life.

After a couple of years we moved back to my hometown and I discovered that my husband was having another affair. I didnít want to be married any more. I crumbled into an emotional and physical mess. I was having panic attacks regularly, couldnít sleep. But somewhere in all of this mess, God was calling me.

I started to read the word again, and to meditate on scriptures. And God started to love me, in a real way. He started to physically presence himself in my life. He kept fighting for me, and kept telling me that I was his princess.

God took me on a journey of life and love and He taught me how to smile again. He taught me how to sing again! He taught me how to laugh again! I dedicate my whole life to Him. I dedicate everything that I am, my talent, my voice, everything to Him. And I canít wait to see what heís got around the next corner for me.

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Country:South Africa
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