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I feel so bad about my body
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I feel so bad about my body
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I feel so bad about my body

Q: I am 13 and feel so bad about my body. I know I shouldn't, and I know God made me perfect, but I can't help feel this way. My dad left us, and my mom is struggling so much just to keep the apartment we have. My dad came to me. Now he expects me to feel so tight with him, even though he was never there for me. I'm involved in my church, but I still feel lonely because everyone I know is never there. I know God is always here, but again I can't help but feel this way. Help!

A: My heart goes out to teenagers who are going through a very difficult period in their life. They are entering into puberty. Their bodies are changing. In the case of young women, they are developing what are called secondary sex characteristics which are essentially preparing them for motherhood. This means they are beginning menstruation, they are beginning to develop breasts, and experiencing other major changes in their bodies.

As in this case, this young girl verbalizes it as "I feel sooooo bad about my body." What is happening to you is not, something you should feel badly about, but praise God about. It's going to prepare you one day to be a wife and a mother.

However, coupled with the normal confusion that comes upon a teenager as to his or her identity, you are faced with a problem because your father walked out on you. Interestingly enough, it is fathers who seem to play the most important role in the social development of daughters. Without the father being there, there is no way that a young lady can totally adapt to the situation around her. She feels lonely and as if no one is ever there for her. God is there for you. Jesus Christ is there for you. He will be the Father of the fatherless, and He will be the Husband of the widow. God will come and make Himself real in your life, and you will know somebody who loves you and cares about you. You have received Jesus as your Savior, and I want you to know that He is your protector. Talk to Him ...talk to Him every day: Tell Him the deep longings of your heart. He knows everything you think anyhow, so why not let Him know your problems. Share with Him what's going on inside you, and let Him reach out to you in comfort and love.

Beyond that, get together with Christian people in your church, your school, and other associations available to you, and let them talk to you, help you, and encourage you. Find someone you can trust and confide in. Perhaps it's another woman, an older girl, or someone who knows the Lord to whom you can go and just talk. There are people who will love you and bless you and encourage you.

My prayer is that you will know the answer to the cry of your heart.

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