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Spur58- Sleepwalking Through Life
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Spur58- Sleepwalking Through Life
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Spur58- Sleepwalking Through Life

I have a friend, his name is Cody, and he is a guy that in the middle of the night gets up and sleep walks, consistently, like a couple of times a month this dude is out doing his little episodes. I just started thinking about how we as Christians sometimes, we have eyes that are open, but we don’t see people. We have great opportunities to serve and to love people, but we miss it sometimes because we’re just kind of glossed over and we are so consumed with ourselves sometimes, and where we’re going, and our future and our plans. That we just miss all these great opportunities that God is orchestrating around us, for us to serve and to love and to be the light of the world. So that kind of stirred in us this kind of thought process of asking our generation to be awake, and to notice people around them, and to respond to people’s needs, you know. Whether it’s in our back yard or it’s in another state or another country, there are opportunities to be salt and light to people everywhere around.

We just talk to these students and they’re just trapped because they’re like, why would we follow this if nobody else is living and practicing what they preach? With just the plague that’s in the church now of being asleep and callous, I think that’s being pushed onto students. And they are really wanting to see people live this life of love that we claim that we have. And they’re looking for truth, and they are looking for people that are gonna hang out with the homeless guy or talk to and treat a waitress or waiter well, and tip them well, instead of seeing them as their servant for the hour, you know. And to just really serve people.

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