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Matthew West Intermotif

I made a stop in Kansas City one time and was singing at this church and I got up to do my sound check one day and this little girl walked up and sat in the front row and I just looked at her and I just saw that there was no one else in the room, so I couldn’t help but notice this little girl. So I found out this little girl’s name was Taylor, so I started to make up a song about her, just to get her attention, and so I started singing something like, “Taylor, how’d you get so beautiful?” And she started blushing and she just got all shy. And I just felt that there was something special about this little girl. So after my sound check, I jumped off the stage to meet her.

So I stuck my hand out to shake her hand and I said, “It’s nice to meet you, My name is Matthew.” Well instead of shaking my hand, she just jumped up, wrapped her arms around my neck, just super tight! It was just this amazing hug! And there was just something amazing about this little girl, and this little hug. She wasn’t just like any of the other kids that I met that day. Taylor has downsyndrome. So she’ll always be different from the other kids and when she’s an adult she’ll be different than all the other adults.

I started thinking about my first instinct was when I saw her from the stage. I felt sorry for her, because I thought, “she’s not like anybody else, she must have such a hard life, people look at her and treat her differently.” But the more I get to know this little girl, I started realizing, maybe Taylor is feeling sorry for me. The way she just went around the world, reaching out to people with love, hugging complete strangers, and just saying I love you. You know? It just really impacted my life.

Taylor has reminded me that God has created us all. And when the Bible says we are created in His image, that’s not a joke. And Taylor is living proof. Never underestimate the ones that the world might look at as the last ones, because the Bible says that the last shall be first, and I believe Taylor is a true history maker, and we could all stand to learn a little bit from people like Taylor.

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