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#30 - One Cubed India - Full Episode -Living life to the fullest
Is it about enjoying our life to the fullest?Is it about making it big our Career? What is it?

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#29 - One Cubed India - Full Episode - Identity
Do you have an online identity?FB?Orkut?Hi5?? Identity is one's recognition.Identity points out to 'who' the Person is! There are many factors that can create a person's identity.

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#28 - One Cubed India - Full Episode - Being Perfect and Best
To be the best at what we do and excel is every heart's desire worked out with determination.

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India Music & Cultural News
ROCK CONCERT BY CYW (2008-07-15)

Gear up for another exciting evening gig on July the 26th, 2008! CYW is hosting a rock concert featuring Chennai-based artists Blood Covenant, Billy Day, Steeve Vatz and No Compromise. The concert begins 5:30 p.m. at New Calvary Church, Hindustan Bible Institute Campus, 90, Medavakkam Tank Road, Kellys, Chennai – 10. For more information, contact Obeth at 9840098270. And oh yeah, ADMISSION’S FREE! :)... read more

The hills are alive with the sound of music… La la la la… Wait! Music? What Music? And hills? Where?

Do you love music? Playing it? Listening to it? Well, here’s some news for you! Enter … The Powerhouse Band Festival! Starting on the 14th of August 2008, join in for THREE DAYS of music in the beautiful and inviting hills of Yelagiri.... read more

JRO's 10th Year of Rock (2008-06-24)

It’s the middle of June and it’s that time of the year when all bands and musicians gear up for JRO (originally June Rock Out). What’s more, this time it’s the grand celebration of 10 years of Indian Rock! And on the list of Bands are Blood and Iron – Chennai, Blind Image – Chennai, Lounge Piranha – Bangalore, Native Tongue – Hyderabad, Rampazze – Delhi, Seven Days – Chennai, Substance – Chennai, Ahimxa – Assam, Gandhi’s Cookbook – Dubai, Grey Shack – Chennai, Lionnel Mascarenhas – Mumbai, Pipers – Bangalore, Slain – Bangalore, and Silver – Pune.... read more
In-Studio with Billy Day (2008-06-02)

On Wednesday, 28 May, More Love Radio webcast an interview with Billy Day. Sunil of HSI More Love Radio interviewed Billy Day, India’s sensational rap artiste! More Love radio reaches half a million listeners from over 36 Nations.... read more
Billy Day Returns from John Schlitt Tour (2008-05-22)

Billy Day went on a 5 city tour as 'support artist and emcee' for John Schlitt from 9 - 18 May. John is the lead vocalist for the 4 time Grammy, 10 time Dove Award legendary Christian rock band "PETRA". Billy performed in concerts at Shilong, Kohima, Dimapur, Chennai and Bangalore.... read more
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Dark is Beautiful (2009-03-02)

With the new 'Dark is Beautiful' campaign, Women of Worth (WOW)seek to change the toxic belief that a woman's worth is measured by the fairness of her skin. ... read more
Attacks Continue on Churches in India (2008-09-29)

Despite a promise of security from the Chief Minister of the Government of Karnataka, Christians are being attacked by Hindu radicals, and their churches vandalized. According to a story on www.persecution.in, the violence has also spread to the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. ... read more
Rajasthan Royals Win DLF IPL 2008 (2008-06-02)

Yusuf Pathan’s sensational all round performance helped Rajasthan Royals win the thrilling last-ball final of the Indian Premier League 2008 against Chennai Super Kings.... read more
Serial Blasts Rock Jaipur (2008-05-14)

Seven bombs ripped thought the Pink City of Jaipur, killing around 60 people and injuring more than 150. The bombs, many strapped to bicycles, exploded within minutes of each other in the crowded markets of Jaipur, a magnet for foreign tourists. It was the deadliest bomb attack in India in nearly two years.... read more
Anti-Conversion Law in Gujarat Raises Concerns (2008-05-07)

The Indian State of Gujarat implemented the Gujarat Religious Freedom Act (2003), with effect from April 1, 2008. According to the Act, religious conversions by “force”, “fraud” or “allurement” are punishable under law and those convicted could face up to 3 years of imprisonment.... read more
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