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Jeff Deyo - Jeff Deyo Intermotif

“Unveil,” is one of these songs that is also a little bit uh, I don’t know if its “controversial” is the right word to say, but it’s not necessarily your typical worship song. In the chorus we say, “Unveil my eyes so I can see your glory.” So you’re kind of starting off with this idea, wait a minute, if you’re saying that I need to unveil my eyes, then I’m suggesting that maybe there’s a cover on my eyes that I’m blind, that I’m not seeing things correctly, or whatever.” It’s not meant to point fingers at anybody, but it is meant to say, hey, look, the Bible tells us that Jesus healed the blind, and that He actually calls us to do that as well. Sets the captives free and all those types of things. But we realize that there is more than just physical blindness that He is talking about there. He is talking about also a spiritual blindness. The Bible tells us that Satan actually blinds the eyes of unbelievers. So that He can take them and do with them whatever He wants to do. It says that people are walking around this planet, and they really don’t see. And it breaks my heart. And so my hope is that through this we would say, “God, will you help us to see things the way you see them?”