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KJ-52 - KJ-52 - Transparency

People want to go beyond just the music, to the point where they want to know that you're real. That they can touch you, to feel you, feel what you are trying to say. So I think for me, letting my guard down. Y'know Behind the music was more about knowing the back story of KJ, where this record is saying what it is like every day. You get to see my good points and my bad points and hopefully everything inbetween. Its more about being able to say God accepts us the way we are and sees everything of us. We are transparent with him hopefully, lets be transparent with each other. I have a song called can I be honest which is addressing the fact that a lot of this industry is setup to basically say, "Don't let people know what is going on, put up this front". And its not really about the music biz, thats like the church world. So many of us in the church world say "how are you, Praise the Lord, I am just so great". We kind of get to that point where James talks about, "confess your sins one to one another". Its not that we run around talking about how bad we are but its the idea that "Real faith has to meet real life" and thats what I want to trasmit on the record.