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NEEDTOBREATHE - Needtobreathe

The song is about me & Boís dad, this is Bo, and just some stuff that he went through as a pastor when we were growing up. And he was accused of some things that ultimately werenít true and really, more than what he was accused of or anything, just how he dealt with the situation. We were kind of blown away. I was about 16 when it happened, and really, I think, when youíre 16, I think anybody would want him to kind of react, you know, fire some people, or, you know, make a real statement. But he just dealt with it very quietly and on the other side of the situation, I think the healing process happened in the best way it possible could have. And that blew us all away, you know, that he didnít need to build himself up in any sort of way. And I think God really dealt with that situation and took a bad situation and made it good. And, taught us a lot from it. And thatís really what Wash is all about, you know, the idea that it doesnít matter what happens to you, you know, thereís a lot of floods and storms in your life but God can turn those into good things.