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Ruth - Ruth Intermotif

One of our main goals has always been to be real and just play music we love. If we didnít write music that we felt really good about and kind of confident in itís quality and what-not we probably wouldnít want to do this anymore. I think that a lot of people, including myself catch ourselves sometimes thinking that Godís just this old guy in the sky and yeah, He knows music and He created it but if He came down here He could form an orchestra and itíd be amazing, but, you know, weíre playing electric guitar. But really Godís so progressive and so cool He knows beginning to end. I mean He has eternity within grasp. So if Heís that cool and that progressive He could come down and pick up the same guitar that we play and rip a solo that everybody liked and would melt their faces off. So I think that God, as far as music, is purely innovative and really cool and progressive and people donít give Him enough credit. And I think one of the things we like to be a part of, which I think other bands are already doing it, but be a part of being a band that does music that we feel is kind of progressive but still very honest about who God is and has the fruits that need to be there.