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Out of Eden - Out of Eden - Insecurity

I think, you know I think everybody in some way struggles with insecurities, I mean, everybody has insecurities, but some have more than others, and I definitely understand having insecurities. But one of the things that has helped me is knowing who I am in Christ, and I would just recommend that, anyone who is going through insecurities to really seek the Word of God to find out who you are because the Bible says awesome things about women of God. You know that we are the bride of Christ, that we are beautiful in Godís eyes, that we are the righteousness in Christ, and just to confess those things, when youíre feeling down and you feel, ďI canít do this. I canít make it. Iím not, you know, anything.Ē Just remember what God says about you because thatís the only thing that matters, cause, you know, we have so many people who want to tell us who we are, but really, only God can define us