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Krystal Meyers - K. Meyers

ďBeauty of GraceĒ- just to give a little background on it- I had a friend who had gone through a lot of stuff and thereís a lot of things that he did in high school and everything that he regretted and didnít really want to like open up to anybody about his past because he was afraid that he would hurt people that he loved. And so that was just the inspiration for it. Then I kind of turned to it and was like, you know what, I think all of us have skeletons in our closet that itís like man, I donít want to let anybody know that Iíve done this or Iíve said that. And God has just got this amazing grace that I can wake up in the morning and itís like, okay, your mercy is new, your grace is new, and I can come and wholeheartedly be like, ďGod, Iím so sorry. Will you please forgive me?Ē And He wipes our slate clean. And He doesnít keep records of wrongs like we as humans do. Because I know that I have friends and family members that I remember something they said like ten years ago. Itís like we just naturally keep records of wrong. And God doesnít do that. And so I just wanted to write that and make that encouragement to everybody. Itís like, you know, no matter what it is that youíve done, that you can come and that you can ask for forgiveness and that Heís going to wholeheartedly forgive you.