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Sarah Reeves - Sarah Reeves Intermotif

All my life I grew up in a family of musicians, so I kind of have always known that I wanted to do music. But for me, I just wanted to be this rock star, everybody look at me, and then when I was 15 years old, I was attending this youth camp, and really for the first time in my life I saw teenagers just radically pursuing God with all of their hearts and holding nothing back and really just enjoying the presence of God. And I was like, “This is the coolest thing ever.” And God just began to stir in my heart a passion for worshipping Him. And He humbled me; completely messed my life up and called me to be a worship leader when I was 15 at that very youth camp. And so my life was forever changed since then. God’s really been teaching me to hear His voice and it’s something that I have struggled with all my life, is just, “God, where are you?” Like, “God, I need you to speak to me.” There’s so many decisions in my life that are just crucial, and I’m like, “God, I need you right now.” And there’s so many different people pulling at me and tugging and saying, “You need to go this way. You need to go this way.” And, “God, okay, let’s separate all those voices. God, I just want you.” And He’s just teaching me how to learn His voice. And really just by the scriptures, by reading His Word, digging in to who He is, the depths of who He is. I’ve been breaking down scriptures. I used to be like, okay, if I don’t read three chapters of the Bible a day, then I’m sinning. But now I take one chapter of the Bible and I break it down. And it’s like, okay, “God, who are you in between the lines?” And just study. And that’s how you know God. I love to go back to my favorite scripture in the Bible, and it’s from Acts chapter 16, and it’s about two men named Paul and Silas and they were thrown into prison for allowing God to work miracles through them. And in the middle of this prison they just started worshipping God and praising Him. They were chained, they were beaten and they just started singing. And I can just imagine all the other prisoners looking at them like they were absolutely crazy. They kept worshipping, they kept pressing in and saying, “God, you are faithful, you are good,” and just believing on Him. And because of their sacrifice of worship, God sent an earthquake and He broke off their chains and opened the prison doors and set them free. And not only were they set free, but all the other prisoners around them. And so that is the heartbeat behind this record, behind my music, behind leading worship is God has called me to bring freedom to people and to know that there is so much power and there is so much freedom when we just begin to let go and worship in the middle of our circumstances, no matter what