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Josh Wilson - Josh Wilson Intermotif

I grew up in the church. My dadís a pastor. And so Iíve known the Lord from a very young age, and so thatís kind of the world that I know. And so when I sit down to write, I find that itís helpful to think about who my audience is, who am I writing to, and I really enjoy writing to Christians because I feel like I have something to say in that area, since Iíve kind of grown up there. And I really hope to do a couple of things. I hope to encourage people with different songs, and I also hope to challenge people. ďSavior PleaseĒ was one of the last songs we wrote for the album. It was one of the very first songs I wrote and ended up rewriting it for this album, and really the song is just a confession of how much I need the Lord in my life daily. I think a lot of Christians feel like we have to act like we have it all together, Or some people think they do have to have it all together when the truth is that by calling myself a Christian, Iím actually confessing that I donít have it all together and I need Christ to be there. And thereís a scripture in Colossians that the song is sort of based on, that says, ďEverything that was created, was created by Christ and for Christ, and Heís holding it all together.Ē And so this song is just me asking Him to continue to do that, which He is going to do, not because Iím asking Him, but the reason Iím asking in the song is just to confess that I canít do that myself, and I need Jesus Christ to save me. I hope thatís an encouragement to people in the church that no matter how long youíve know Christ, no matter what youíre going through, He is our only hope and our peace.