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Jeremy Camp - Jeremy Camp - An Example!

Yeah, I definitely think that Bible College was good for me. There are songs that are based on scriptures, songs that have scriptures in them or partial scriptures in them. And I think for me, having that foundation was so good because I donít ever want to write songs out of just my own opinion, you know. I want to write songs that are biblically sound and, yes there are experiences too and things that Iíve learned but always have the basis of Godís Word and what Heís taught me and who He is. And so I definitely am so glad that I have that foundation because it helped me with the writing process to make sure that these songs arenít just- oh, it sounds good, itís a good opinion, but, you know- . The biggest mistake is when someone is like, ďI just play music. I donít really have to be so grounded.Ē And thatís the biggest mistake because whether you like it or not, if youíre going to be a Christian artist and youíre going to be on stage, people are going to look at you for an example. And if youíre not digging into the word of God and youíre not staying grounded in that, then you are not going to be a very good example because you wonít have something to reflect Christ of. And I think, I just get so scared, when people are just like, ďWe donít really need to have that intense of a walk because weíre just musicians and weíre Christians, but we donít need to be an example, you know, weíre just musicians.Ē And thatís not true because no matter what, if you like it or not, youíre going to be an example and so just you have to say in the Word, stay in prayer and the accountability. Accountability is huge for sure.