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Joy Lippard - Joy Lippard - Self-Image

About a year ago, I really struggled with self-image, because I was reading a lot of magazines, and I didnít realize how much it was impacting me until I started to just feel like that was what I should look like and that that was normal. And so I started exercising a lot, eating less, and, thankfully, I never was anorexic or struggled with an eating disorder, but I would say I came really close to it. And for girls that are on that edge of almost there but not there, I want to tell you that the Lord sees you as beautiful and you donít have to look perfect, because thatís not healthy, thatís not what He has for us, you know. Youíre worth it the way you are and beautiful the way you are. And so I struggled with that for maybe six months or more, until I was so tired of the thoughts that I was feeling, and believing the lies that I felt Satan was really throwing at me, just downing my self image. And so I cried out to the Lord literally one day, I remember it. I was in my room and I said, ďLord, I donít want to have these feelings any more, I donít want to think like this." And so it wasnít immediately after that, but it was slowly that I was able to see that the way I am is the way God made me, and that I donít have to look like the models in the magazines or anything.