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B. Reith - B. Reith - Rain Down

Rain Down is a song that I would say two years ago I was just going through some stuff and felt like everything I tried to do just wasnít working, and it was one of those times where I just was dried up emotionally and I didnít have a passion for what I was doing, and I couldnít get motivated. And so, I just sat down and tried to write. And I was in my room and just cried out to God. Iíve always been very picky when I would write and I would always throw away simple melody lines. But thatís what came out. It was just simply me crying to God to rain down, not just rain down music, or rain down finances or rain down blessings, but Himself coming in and invading my heart and just all those dry areas that I just couldnít light the fire in. Just coming in and saturating who I am. It was cool because that song came out of brokenness. It was written out of a place in exactly where I was at when I wrote those verses. And I still get there sometimes, but itís cool because people can connect with that right away.