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Downhere - Downhere - God's Character

Our record label a couple of years ago asked us to write a couple of Christmas songs, which we had never done before, and it was sort of an exciting thing, but at the same time we were like, what hasn’t been said about Christmas, you know? So I just started thinking about what’s my favorite thing about Christmas or God’s character, and I came to the idea that, you know, God in His wisdom, His ways are completely opposite of our ways. And if it was up to a human to figure out, how are we going to redeem all this junk in the world, this fallenness, this, you know, sin? Well, maybe we should get a really perfect strong guy to take over and rule and just fix everything and, you know, God’s idea was, “Well, no, I’m going to die for you. I’m gonna take all that hurt on me and I’m going to do it in meekness and humbleness and I’m going to serve you.” So in “How Many Kings,” it just asks the question, “How many who would have thought of that? How many people do you know that have done anything remotely close to that?” The cool thing about that song came a little while later when my dad gave me a call after hearing it for the first time, and it was the only time he has ever done this. He called me to say, you know, “Son, I can’t get over this song. I love it so much.” And then after I hung up the phone I thought that’s just really appropriate, because this song is really about a father that is really proud of his son.