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Skillet - Skillet - Sold Out

And there was a time when I came to terms with, ďDo I really want to believe this?Ē I know I did this as a kid. But its just really what I believe is the truth. I can,honestly say thereís not really ever been a time that Iíve sincerely doubted that faith because Iíve just known God to-to be so evident in my life since I was a kid that I ... canít imagine living a life outside of believing that God has a purpose for my life and stuff. But the time I really got serious with the Lord, I was about 18 and thatís when God really, I believe, really touched my life. And I knew -- Iím sold out for the rest of my life. You know, there is nothing else to live for. Itís the only thing in life for me... thatís the reason Iím here today, you know?