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Well, the album is a reflection of the energy that we have as a live unit. And when we went into the studio we wanted to capture as much of that energy as possible. Itís gospel music. Itís soul music. I guess thatís the only real way to describe it. Weíve heard lots of really funny descriptions, like punk, Cajun funk, but itís Gospel Music. Before Newworldson we were all professional musicians working in the mainstream world. And when God called us to start using our gifts to glorify Him, we felt like we had kind of moved into another dimension of our career. In fact, itís like weíve moved away from our careers and into a life of ministry. So I wrote that lyric to kind of be the theme song for the band. Because instead of going out there and using out gifts for entertainment, we were using them now to raise His name. And what we discovered after playing that song for a few months was that it was starting to resonate with all sorts of other people too. They would say, ďYou know, Iím a schoolteacher, Iím a construction worker but Iím that example in my group of workers too. Like, Iím a special agent of the Lamb too.Ē So itís just kind of one of those songs on our album thatís just sticking with other people Ďcause they can relate to the lyric.