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Phillip LaRue - Phillip LaRue - Faith In God!

Black and Blue is about my beautiful, lovely sister Breanna who was actually born dead and revived on the spot. And, but unfortunately, due to the fact of the loss of blood flow in her body she has Cerebral Palsy. And so she canít talk very well and she canít walk and she needs assistance 24/7. I mean, a lot of people on the outside of that circumstance would go, ďWhat a burden.Ē And, you know, it is hard for my family, but itís also been the super glue for me and God in my family. But sheís at a place right now where everyday is a gift and we donít know how much longer she has. And it could be tomorrow or it could be two years, five years, five weeks, you know, we just donít know. So, that song, Black and Blue, I wrote it when we thought we were going to lose her last year. She was in the hospital. She got a simple cold, like like we all get during the flu season, but for her because her immune system is so different, it really knocked her out. So I wrote that song in the hospital because I was going to sing it to her before, you know, she fell asleep and awoke to see God face to face. So, thatís when I wrote that song. But a lot of times thereís those moments in our life as people where we canít connect the dots and thatís okay. Thatís when faith kicks in. We have to believe. Itís like a mosaic, you know, uh if youíre looking at a mosaic and youíre, you know, five inches away from it, you know, it doesnít look like much of a painting at all. It looks messy, blurry, it looks horrible really. It doesnít make sense. But we have to believe in those circumstances when we canít connect the dots that-that God is standing, you know, 15-20 feet behind us and He sees the big picture. So, uh, I think, for my record, itís writing songs, looking directly on the mosaic and going, ďLife is messy,Ē but also writing songs from the perspective of God sees the bigger picture. And uh, hopefully uh people will hear the hope through those songs and hopefully get inspired to-to believe God in those midst of those circumstances that are the desert seasons of your life.