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Grits - Grits - Victory!

ďBeautiful MorningĒ is saying that you canít take everything for face value, you canít judge anything on the surface. You might get up and not feel like going to work, we all have those days, where we donít even feel like being bothered or submerging ourselves in the word of even going to church, but weíve got to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Youíve got to believe that there is victory on the other side. If you just go through the motion, whether you feel like it or not, there is always going to be peace and inspiration on the other side if that is what you are really seeking with your heart. Itís as simple as looking forward to a new day. Every day is not the same, and weíve heard it said before that itís not how you start, but how you finish. So if you are giving it another day, you are taking the time to finish right. So donít think about yesterday, today is a new day, and lets finish out right. ďIt Reminds Me,Ē that was a fun song for us just because we love 80ís music. We grew up in that era of music. It really is more of a poetic song, talking about the things that may remind you of love, or things that you go through. How many of us have those songs that we hear on the radio, and we immediately think about where we were at that time when that song was on, and thatís the basis of ďIt Reminds MeĒ For us this doesnít get old. Itís something we were born to do. Really, it has always been about keeping the quality and the purity of music, bringing in real urban and hip-hop talent, not only to the industry, but to the world to present something different. Thatís what you get when you really love what you do, you just donít even pay attention to the time. They say that time flies when youíre having fun.