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Audio Adrenaline - Audio Adrenaline - Leaving 99

“Leaving 99” is a song about, how God has basically looked at in the Bible as a good shepherd. He has 100 sheep, one goes astray, and how God would, like a shepherd, leave the 99 back and corralled up, to go after that one lost sheep. He’s after you. And all you’ve got to do is look up, turn around and you’ll find God right where you are. And that’s what the song is about, is that enormous, you know, miraculous love of the Father. I think the live show, what makes it really over the top is just the songs, too. We’ve had 14, 13 years of music. And as the show progresses you see people’s faces change from “Wow, this is great fun, crazy stuff,” to “Wow, I’m really connecting with that song and I’m starting to worship.” And, the goal is to get them to leave, you know, just empty, and remembering that – how much God loves them and, basically share the whole Gospel with them through the music of a show.