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Delirious - Delirious - The Writing Process

You know, we want the whole process that we do, whether it’s writing the lyrics, to playing on stage, or writing the songs, we want it to communicate something that is simple. So, we’re really inspired by writers like C.S. Lewis, who talks a lot about faith but in a way that is so real and so personal. We got this saying that we, tell ourselves every now and again that we want God to come and meet people. And we want people to come and meet God. And I think that runs through the vein -- through the heart of everything we do. We want people to walk in that see a Foo Fighters show or a Radio Head and think, “Wow, this is amazing.” But at the same time, the success of it is judged upon whether God showed up, and touched people. And that’s kind of what we buzz about the most. We don’t think we’ve got there yet with it. You know, something that we strive to get better at, being more poetic, more artistic with our language, but not losing the plot.