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Grits - Grits - Approaching others

Because of the way we approach it, we don’t point fingers. We put the Word out there and let the Word do what it does, which is it cuts. And it goes to the heart. People aren’t ignorant, you know? They know that they’re not in a right proper place with God. And they know when God is speaking to them directly to them but indirect - but in an indirect form. It’s really cutting deep and they know it, you know? They’re not going to come out right and say, “Man, that’s me. That’s me.” ‘Cause there’s a lot of pride there, you know? People aren’t going so deeply with you unless you have relationship. God gives us the insight to be able to really look into people, you know, these-some of the other artist’s eyes. And when we’re talking to them really see through that and really they’re able to see into us that we’re real. It’s lovely to be treated with respect by someone who’s looked at as, you know, “Aw, man, that guy’s vulgar. He’s just da da da.” But to see them in a humble position because they stand and not because of us but because it’s the presence of God that’s with us and they can’t deny it. And so they treat us with respect because they feel that and they know that it’s real.