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KJ-52 - KJ52 - A Real Man

You know what I do?  I just break it down to them... I can only speak on what I know, and what I tell them is, say, “Look, I’ve been in the locker room.  I know what they tell you.  I know what goes on.  I know the lies that are told to you.”  And I remember growing up -- for me it was always like, well, you’re not a real man ‘til you’ve had sex for the first time.  You’re not a real man ‘til you just, you know, have sex with as many girls as you can.  And it put this pressure on me to be like, well I’ve got to lose my virginity as quick as I can and... I’m not cool until I’m doing that.  And I tell these kids, you know what, for lack of a better term -- and I hate to use this analogy -- but I say this -- and I just be real with them -- I say, look, you know what, I had a dog used to have a lot of sex.  That didn’t make that dog a real man.  I said a real man will wait.  A real man is somebody that takes a stand, ‘cause I made that decision when I was 15.  And I remember getting teased about it a little bit at first, and then when dudes saw that I was really serious with it, it was like, man, I really respect you.  I respect you for doing that.  And I tell them that too.  I say, you know what, maybe you will get teased at first.  But I tell when you stick your guns they’re going to respect you because you’re not giving into everybody.  And if you can just hang on... I believe you’ll get somebody’s respect for it.  And that’s what I tell guys... that to be a real man is waiting.  That’s a real man.