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Everyday Sunday - Everyday Sunday - Love

As a group we feel like, the most important thing we could show people is that God loves them, and that, He wants to know them and He wants to have a relationship with them. And it starts with love. It starts with an understanding that someone cares about you before you can even start any kind of relationship. We want to be good at what we do. That’s, you know, I think very important to us to glorify God in what we’re doing. We want to make it the best we possibly can and be the best uh, that we can be at what we’re doing, you know, in our profession. I think that if we can at least point people in the direction to say, “Hey, God loves you.” Or if it’s from the stage, or if it’s just in them watching us and we don’t even know it, we want that to come across, no matter, you know, what we say, what we play, what we do.