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Ian Eskelin - Ian Eskelin - Taboo

My first single, and the latest single off the album is a song called “Taboo.” It’s funny to me how I could walk down the street and have 400 piercings in my face and, you know, walking around in a diaper and like everybody would be like, “Man, that guy is crazy.” But the second I start telling you about Jesus Christ, it’s like, “Man, that guy really is crazy. We don’t want to talk to him, it’s taboo.” So, I got a lot of social commentary songs like that in the record. It’s a song that, you know, I originally wrote to – for the sole purpose of playing live, you know, and it’s just – and it’s got that kind of perfect tempo to get 20,000 people jumping up and down, you know, at the same time. And, hence when we did the music video for it, we decided that we should do a live video. And, we went over and played this festival over in Holland called Flavo Festival. And, you know, it was really cool. We had like a four-camera shoot on tracks and, you know, boom things and, “shew, whew,” you know, the whole nine. So, it turned out pretty cool.