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Kids in the Way - Kids in the Way - We Are

The song “We Are” actually happens to be the first track on the record and it’s really an anthem and it’s actually where took our band name from. The chorus says, “We are the kids in the way.” We really wanted, we really wanted to capture our live show. Our live show’s very energetic and very passionate. We really wanted to make sure our drums were huge and big. Our guitars were, you know, sharp and cutting and edgy and, you know, the kind of sound that just cuts through your bones and rips your face off. For vocals, I think we really just wanted to capture the raw passion that comes out of me live. We even made it so that I could hold my microphone, instead of just standing at a solitary, you know, stand up mic. I got to run around the booth with a mic in my hand and go crazy. The video and the song go together really well because the video has a lot of extreme sports. There’s professional BMX bikers, and professional skaters in it, you know, it’s really -- it just kind of really has an attitude of excitement and energy. There’s some live shots with us playing a lot of kids that are really into it.